Stream of consciousness

Subu duba dubi duha

Yes, I fake that it is my mother tongue at least it is a tongue that
represents my status in the civilization chart. Well yes I can say at
least when I am drunk 1.

I can recall myself talking in that very language with and the worst
part is that I was talking with myself while I was trying to shout-stop
a friend. Oh how terrified I am. The saddest part for me is that I was
not able to control myself while I was shouting well yes now my
excuse comes. but is it that necessary…

tooth-brushing break -sorry-… to depart yourself from your sanity, yes
but not when you will interact with people who can not control his/her
actions. the verdict I am conscious free.

And it is your turn dear anonymous jury.


  1. I know it is not a captivating theme but, give it a chance 

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