Stream of consciousness

Last sparklings of recently consumed sucrose

As I have been told or remembering to be told about human nature that we are able, need to perform many faces for ourselves. just like a slot machine, and i am aware that i am underestimating the possible number of outcomes a human can show in this manner. Well my sucrose’s aim was not to state this, it was to share a inner trouble of mine. What can be my problem? Well it is to meet the same combination of the slot machine twice, it definitely sounds like a winning formula but it certainly not since you can not enjoy the amount of cash that you will get from a slot machine with the presence of the distraction of the cash from the other slot machine. I think i have just ruined a nice sounding metaphor. My options are getting rid of machine, getting rid of them both, getting rid of self or basically expand the my selves limitations which are disabling to enjoy my slot machines.

I think I will let them decide

  • for the keen reader I survived my jog!

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