Stream of consciousness


It tends to be interesting to experience the shifts in one’s the mood
and attributions in / towards life even though it is your very self is
the one you re observing. This exaggerated flexibility makes you wonder
if you should really hold on to the dreams of that little kid who just
watched adverts on the tube, or is it best for all just to go and i hide
at an island just like the older kid wishes1. Even at the 3rd option who
can argues that my very well spoiled procrastinator being wouldn’t want
to own a skyscraper?? Is it desire -> get, or get-> get used to?
no I do not like both, but all I can say is that i do not like the
activeness in the first one and passiveness in the second one2. Can
mediocre be perfected? Is it really right and concretely true that,
mankind can get used to anything and start to enjoy it eventually, or
can be bored with everything? This sadly introduces me to the idea that
being mediocre in different fields is good for interiors3. As an
assumption only saddening outcome of that is to be faced while being
presented / compared to the perfected sculptures of any profession.

  1. or having an agency at an deserted island? 
  2. yes that is possible 
  3. should i really explain everything? (whisper:no) 

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