Stream of consciousness

May I recommend?

May I recommend to be more subtle, more self aware (or even selfish,
self addicted…), less constructive (relationship wise). May I? It is
alarming if you find yourself feeling things that you don’t really fancy
to feel, or just don’t feel like feeling, this means you are
unnecessarily preoccupied with feelings1, maybe with mingling or with
or just escaping, or you just can not get a hold of your thirst anymore.
Which would be reasonable after years in desert but after a life which
was deserted with the best ever I know, this is just not innocent, but
being all that rational, thoughtful, understanding, you feel pity and
pain as you can not broadcast your feelings out from your but in to
yourself2 you are working against yourself. Anyways, my rational train
service line is under construction now, which i hope to be back on

thanks for bearing

  1. yes, obviously 
  2. just like a propaganda 
  3. only on one track 

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