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Id-Group meeting

The 1sts meeting we had on the 25 of march with full attendance, was more descriptive and liberating than i would expect it to be. In this meeting decided on the constraints we should have and and necessary steps that we should take in accordance to achieve what we would like to achieve as an interactive design project.

Limitations / Constraints: Every group member has to limit their ideas to a room and 12 buttons to transmit data to a computer which will be programmed to react audio visually.

Necessary steps that should be taken: As having this idea of installation on a free-floating state, every each of us will have a keen observing eye on theories that are surrounding the interaction design area, so that our design idea is safe, sound and innovative with it’s approach.

My possible input on the next meeting that we are going to have; is suggestion to unlimit ourselves from the 12 buttons with the use of combinations that we can have with the buttons input to the actionScript code that we are planning to have, so that we can have a story that might have hard-to-be-counted number of endings.



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