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Interaction Design Installation – morning paper

the sound which the user starts should be continuous, meaning it mustn’t be interrupted when a they change a button.

The sounds the that represents city in the other paths for the city to should be: people talking and then if the take a second step in to the grey the user should hear city scape.

(Type-thinking) so what happens when users go to green from blue?They should start with birds and bees, then get to more serious animals.

what about to blue from green a river that trespass, then (maybe) something that can generate bigger waves.

#E32636 (red)

#007FFF (blue) | #7FFF00 (green) | #D3D3D3 (grey)

#0247FE (blue) | #177245 (green) | #A9A9A9 (grey)

#0047AB (blue) | #013220 (green) | #696969 (grey)


and this to be experienced on Saturday the 22nd of May wuhuu! (yikes)


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