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How not to blog? | Self-reflective spots


The following is how i not blog. Please be aware and reminding.

  1. Work on multiple drafts.

  2. Waste ridiculous amount of time enhancing your posts, insert unnecessary mp3s, try to draw illustrations, try to contact that deviantart user for that one and only image your post can not do without. Have more themes then your blog posts.

  3. Procrastinate the hell out of it. When there is something to be done requiring your manual input(typing) it is always easier to go for the free entertainment (watching, reading). Be deprived of main joy of blogging.

  4. Blog on your own. Do not ever share your links, posts with your friends and family, they are your initial chances of motivation.

  5. Ignore the most important function. Work on installing widgets, gadgets work millions of hours on the way it look.

  6. Don’t focus. Enable every other activities to interrupt your writing process.

  7. Have a supreme sense of perfection / be insecure about “anything with regards your entries”





p>This entry is an initiative, is a cry for self-provocation.

Looking forward to see myself got rid of my drafts.




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