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Maintaining a blog vs Blogging

I owned this blog for about 1.5 year or this illusion dates back to May 09.

At first i designed it myself with the thinking that “it should be genuine”, very noble and useful thinking, this allowed me to improve my php and entertained me a lot.

But times have changed as my needs did, I then started install themes and plugins, so that everything in my blog will have a sense of professionalism, and i will be able to focus on my creative flow and most intended sharing via blogging.

At the third stage of my blog-o-rama i found myself doing weekly maintenance to my blog instead sharing nothing about myself or my collectively generated creative out, or at least my reflections about what i come across within my sight / perception.

I have always been someone who pays attention what he is doing (trying to be self aware) and tries to employ the best practices (subjective) in my practices without being competitive1, but i am living the continuous realization of “Hey! I am wasting time on my blog than my blog should spend on me”

Currently I am in the having tons of drafts phase in my blogging life.

Conclusion :

In one of Faster Future Consulting Blog posts, Clay Shirky touches open this please do carry forward (Life is better when explanations are made by others).

  1. I really don’t care being competitive with people you point finger at, one should be set their own ranks and limits to achieve as pleased. 

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