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Monday morning pleasantry with Tweetdeck

This morning I wanted to re-start using tweetdeck at a computer to which it was installed by somebody else.

At the login screen i am not given any option to add my tweetdeck account the application. The options i am given are;

‘if you are using tweetdeck for the first time in this computer (yes yes yes) click here’ which brings up the options to add my accounts to tweetdeck, – (oh, sir thanks but no thanks to that sir – )

if you are having problems logging in click here, in that page you can find a forum entry that reminds the basics;

Ensure you have selected the correct account

Ensure you are logging in with the correct password

Ensure your account is not locked

Feel free to continue to the forum link to prove me wrong please.

After this stage i get back to the app to the fiddle around a bit more to see if there is a hidden option would appear if i attempt to enter an incorrect password.

I am sure this is due to my Monday morning disorder, but i switched of tweetdeck thinking that the notification i am getting after a failed entry for my password i should have been highlighted more effectively( simply the text that appears could have been in a colour that not used at the overlay).

What would have been better that this ?

1 – There could have been a default “Add new account” option at the username dropdown.

2 – ‘If this is the first time oyu’ve used TweetDeck on this compute click here’, I should be able to add my tweetdeck account after that option


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