Communication Design

Temporary Identity issues of an Ad-board

Coca Cola within Avis ad.

The image above is of an ad-board taken at a near-central London location (I also came across more of the same board in central London as well). What caused this blog post/or the image of that board was; it made me think to myself that “Coca-Cola – Car hire deliveries – excuse me??”. I think this is simply because of the following;

  • The over powering colour play between white & red got my initial attention, therefore made me think of a brand/s that I am relatively more familiar with.
  • The way white is used across the bottom of the composition (Search for Coca-Cola stripe), concluded my presumption with the result “This ad must be about Coca – Cola”

Then, I was able to bring my direct attention to the ad, and had to register the composition, see the ‘avis’ logo at the right bottom made me understand that Coca-Cola didn’t actually pay for this insertion.


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