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LloydsTSB fails to deliver

I recently subscribed to LloydsTSB’s informative weekly balance text messaging service, and scheduled it to Thursday in order to be ready for the weekend ahead. Didn’t pay much attention to it’s content at the first couple of weeks. Once I needed the information it provides, and made an adjacent transaction I was unpleasantly surprised as I didn’t have enough money in my account. You know the story, you have to resort to your instant cash or fled the store in shame and under the egging displeased eyes of others…

So in order to understand how much money I can actually spend I went online to see how much money I have in my account. I was not wrong I had enough ‘balance’ in my account but with some further digging in the interface (after 1 more click), i found that there is a statement such as ‘Available Funds’ showing how much money I can actually spend. Wonderful, within the context of online browsing and planning at an online bank profile. But when I am mobile and shopping if unsure about my level of disposable cash I am vulnerable and destined to spend more and more time online to do planning and budgeting.

I am aware that this post would be due to my lack of understanding of the concept of ‘balance’ to what it might refer in Finance/banking, but LloydsTSB should realize that they are trusted to be the interface between me and my money. Therefore when building services to offer customers on-site information, they have to keep the context the user would be in when they are using the information they are provided.

The more relevant you stay, the more sense you will make.


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