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An rss feed to life.

Rss (wiktionary) : Really Simple Syndication, a newsfeed technology that standardizes the publication of regularly updated Web works, such as blogs and news articles.
If you are reading this, you have an e-mail account.

It is the perfect digitization of your home address. It is the most private social network that you ever created and it will continue to grow as long as you are interested in it.

  • Location: It has a top-level domain (generally refers to your location,
  • Name: We all know that it is not as strictly regulated in comparison to you real-life name and address, but your inbox has a name which is how you want to be recalled, within the social purpose you create that account.
    To your post box you are likely to get relevant information about the restaurants in that are close to you or within the potential budget of your neighbourhood, your bank statement, court orders… as well as irrelevant information (spam) posts that are sent to wrong recipients es or any other information that you do not subscribed before.

Please note the correlation of the action ‘subscribing’ within the context of relevancy.

After you create your inbox, you are likely to share your e-mail address with people or the organizations that you want to stay in touch (stay relevant/stay up-to-date), with whom -you think- wouldn’t cause noise in your communications within your circle of relevance. Connectedness pertain itself through the syndicated exchange of information and gestures over time. The rsseque notion to the continuous flow of information we get from people whom has our e-mail addresses.

This brings me to the point, where the difference between inbox and the rss reader fades, as well as your contacts book and your bookmarks bar.


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