User experience is the interface

When hardware are first build, they required highly pro­fi­cient oper­a­tors to be oper­ated by. These oper­a­tors were engi­neers who are highly trained and were able to speak the lan­guage of the hard­ware, which allowed them mas­ter the tech­nol­ogy. But as with many other things, civ­i­liza­tion (you can say cap­i­tal­ism as well) digests the tech­nol­ogy and enables the masses to opt-in. This is where the user inter­faces come in, as an inter­preter between the hard­ware and the user. The interface’s goal is to enable any­one to use a hard­ware to accom­plish cer­tain tasks, with­out requir­ing any prior expe­ri­ence with it.Dri­ven from this approach, brands as well as hardware, dimin­ished from their iden­ti­ties to user (cos­tumer) expe­ri­ences. The tan­gi­ble goods, user already pur­chased at the point of sale, is where you as the brand start become pas­sive, or a voice that sim­ply can be ignored within the arm­srace of media buying*. Every inter­ac­tion that your con­sumer par­takes with your brand is a piece in the jig­saw, which will sum up to be their ‘User Expe­ri­ence ’ with your brand. This replaces (at least challenges) the idea of ‘set­ting up a tone’ or ‘a brand iden­tity’ with a bill­board. Invest­ing into your cus­tomers’ expe­ri­ence with your brand, is as sim­ple as pro­vid­ing a ‘worth men­tion­ing prod­uct & ser­vice’. The pos­si­bil­i­ties are only lim­ited to the extend you can afford to inter­act with your customers.
Afford: The fur­ther you com­mu­ni­cate any­thing to a cus­tomer with a brand on, you risk to break the frag­ile rela­tion­ship that you build up to date.

Irre­gard­less of the scale of the orga­ni­za­tion, or the field it oper­ates in (b2b, b2c), col­lec­tively built prod­uct is what the actual user inter­face is to the end user. This idea is as exten­sive as to the range of asso­ci­a­tions being made with the to the brand, logo, cus­tomer ser­vice, Pr stunts, ad cam­paigns, prod­uct itself, and so on… In order to have a solid brand cul­ture and royal base of cus­tomers, the cus­tomer inter­fac­ing oper­a­tions must be con­sis­tent & under micro­scopic observation.


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