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Why Facebook is Hammering Nails to it’s Own Cuffin One Sponsored Ad at a Time.

There is a new interruption in town. They are called ‘sponsored story ads’, and they work very subtlely in order to take advantage of users’ interest in the content that mattered to them the most.

Avoidable (away from the immediate sight and quite) ads on content that is relevant.
That was what Facebook offered until 2012, everybody on this network knowingly or blindly accepted everything that was wrong about Facebook. Only for one single reason to find an interact with people that’s in our lives, and see what they are up to. This defined a new form of entertainment ‘sharing’ and browsing through what’s shared.

But what’s happening now is that at the top of the content that’s been made relevant to me by my network, I get to see a sponsored message. These advertisements are not presented very similarly to the content they are interested. So its very likely that users will be receiving the sponsored message (initially) considering it being from their social network. I understand the whole promise of ‘if someone likes a brand they would also like to hear from them’ This is why there are fan pages, if I care about a brand I still get to see what they have to promote or I can see their pages for more information. No one needs their news feed ‘estate’ to be sold because they liked a brand. Why would I like a brand if, they get in the way of me interacting with Facebook? (Seeing what my friends are up-to?)

Facebook now as the behemoth representative of what a social network is, now seeing the potential demand available in the advertising industry, and trying to benefit from it. It should have been the advertising industry who is learning to speak ‘Facebook’ not the other way around.


Sponsored Story Ads: is just a term to prettify the fact that “Hey, i am selling your time, and making money of it.” Ads are always paid for (means they are already sponsored), calling them ‘sponsored story’ is just the mere effort of putting a make-up on it.


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