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Adobe might just have Solved their Piracy Problem

On 23.04.2012, Adobe has made a huge progress in resolving their pirated usage problem they are having with CS suite of tools.

Creative Cloud, allows Adobe to catch up with the industry-trend of Cloud Computing (Wikipedia). This technology will allow you to synchronize your data to all your devices, work on all of them flawlessly. See similar offers aimed at Adobe’s target audience;

Prior to the creative cloud offering adobe was only selling standalone products (each $600~) or bundles of software ($1400~) that are aimed towards certain industry with the limiting assumption of a user could/ would only use certain software nothing more maybe less. The Creative Cloud ($50/mo~) offering sets itself apart by giving all it’s subscribers access to all the latest Adobe software as well as a Cloud storage offering that will deliver their documents on each computer they are using.

This company already does annual product releases and always sets prices that makes starting to use this software expensive. By softening the users introduction payment the suit of tools, aggressively, Adobe is making a better case to not to used as pirated software.

This, however, might also set a new lowest for entering to pirating as well. Which i am looking forward to find out observing the success of Creative Cloud.

See the promotional page for more information on product.


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