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Apple now doesn’t depend on Google Maps

It is well spread in the news that Apple is ditching Google’s services for an in-house solution, which offers a more realistic approach to the mobile world of cartography. (See the original news at it’s source at 9to5Mac.)

Having an almost native application removed from the 6th iteration of their mobile operating system shows how dedicated Apple is to remain independent in providing such a core mobile service. It took them 4 acquisitions to offer that same service (see purchases of Placebase, C3 Technologies, and Poly9).

What will they do about the search? Nothing! they don’t have to do anything, consumer level information gathering is done & spread around dedicated apps. Search will stay as an additional option browser for extra’s information that can’t be delivered by these dedicated sources.

I am hoping Google will start thinking about delivering value on top the core services they are providing, or else…


Speaking of search… have you heard of Microsoft’s new social approach to search (news article here)? It aims to connect you with relevant though leaders related to your search term. (definitely deserves it’s own post).



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