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What Twitter Would Look Like, Without A Laptop Or Smartphone | Rethinking realtime

image via IconConcepts

Fact is, what we’ve come to think of as instant communication isn’t all that instant. An email takes time (and hopefully thought) to compose. So too does a tweet. But a face-to-face conversation? It doesn’t get more efficient than that.
Says -very accurately- Suzzana Laberre in her latest FastCoDesign article. Make sure to check out the article as it is accompanied by videos that explore the spontaneous generation of ideas that are leading to communication.

What for me is very important here that’s pointed out is that the recent fad growing in the social media circles that is “real time”, referring to something that is completely composed and (in most cases) well thought-through.

I have faith in it that we will make the whole communication process a lot streamlined than it is at the moment at a low cost and at a grander scale in future that’s not far. And these are the growing pains in our accumulated perception caused by influential minorities’ misunderstanding of concepts involved in paradigms that are being refined.


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