Communication Design

Evolution of noise and it’s nature.

Think about waking in front of your TV on an idle Tuesday morning to the disturbing sound of white noise that that the thunderstorm outside is responsible of, which you soon will be walking into… In this scenario, you will observe a broken mean of communication that’s caused by the heavy weather conditions. We expect to receive messages we subscribe to be broadcasted to us in the form of news & shows via our TV. As a response to the further immersion of society into the channels of communication the form of noise evolves as well as the communication methods itself.

When Shannon and Weaver came up with a model that described communication, the metaphors used to describe it’s content have changed over time. ‘Noise’ first considered to be irrelevant pieces of information (may or may not be indecipherable) that’s preventing successful receipt of the message (i.e. background sound or a strange white noise in your TV).

With the rise of progressive technological advancement the boom in content creation lowers the cost of content significantly. This sets the new currency of exchange as ‘attention‘. Becoming the basic offering of the receiver (user) as well as the main goal of the broadcasting agents. The message end user receives gets cluttered with the packaging of the service provided. This package includes redundant pieces of information of products and services of so-called ‘relevant’ providers (advertisement i.e. image1). Examples for this can even get as worse as a flood of messages (tedious, never-ending i.e. image2) or even improperly titled content (misleading & deceitful ((

The abuse of the phrase ‘Hands-on’, to attract more views of a bland product video

Image1 – ‘Relevant’ Crowding advertisement

Image1 credit – David Mihm: It Really Is a Google World and We Are All Just Living in It.

Image2 – Flooding linkers (Twitter specific)

Image2 credit: Make use of: The Five Most Annoying Things People Do On Twitter.

As the interface technology advances we will see further penetration of sender and receiver to the system. This process will introduce a new definition for the noise that challenges the delivery of the message.


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