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Your ‘social’ audience in terms of eggs

Eggs are very healthy and nutritious and we all should consider them to be a part of a healthy diet. But considering eggs when you aim to engage an audience for your brand’s communications, not a sound decision.

Find the below tweet pointing to a user who considers purchasing user accounts on twitter is a well justified marketing decision. Please click through to see the rest of conversation there. I will list my ‘why nots’ here.

Seriously?? @kdoohan, Brand marketer for @redbull @conagrafoods says “Nothing wrong with buying twitter followers”. — Social Media Insider (@SocialMedia411) July 21, 2012

Twitter, created it’s own way of expressing ‘influence’, a very fundamental cog in our social structure, and tied it to few numbers shown on users profile. This created delusion amongst some users that success within digital media, more specifically in social media, is measured by numbers and lead them to cheat the system by buying twitter followers.

Twitter has millions of fake and computer generated user accounts, which are controlled by ‘dealers’ who sell their follow or retweeting capabilities. I will refer to these fake twitter accounts from this point on as tweggs here.

It is estimated that there are 45 million fake accounts out of 517 million accounts (02.08.12 – DenverPost). So when after you make your purchase there is a very high probability that you are spreading your ‘social’ budget to talk to yourself.

Introvert isn’t it?

A sample profile look like this you can notice the high follow count with a very low follow-back, and tweets that are used by tons of (tweggs).

This is a how a fake twitter account looks

There is a booming market of selling twitter followers and retweets on platforms such as ebay and fiverr. There is a great piece by BarracudaLabs that shows every detail to know about on the underground twitter economy.

Twitter offers a first-in-a-world-history type of chance to engage users, gather customer feedback and most importantly define -in finer detail- the characteristics of the brand you aim to declare.


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