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Facebook launches Graph Search

Today we’re announcing a new way to navigate these connections and make them more useful. We’re calling it Graph Search, and it starts today with a limited preview, or beta.

via Facebook Newsroom.

With the help of the tremendous amount of data gathered of it’s users Facebook has been actualizing their social graph over the last couple of years. And it seems that they are finalizing a product that offers a competitive service to Google Search. I doubt the FB Graph will help us to find a Tennis court nearby, but it will help us who, in my network, likes to play tennis and also lives nearby. Screenshot-SearchBar-MyFriendsWho

#####Why would this work?

I am convinced this will be their USP in causing a dent to Google’s dominance in search. This is not the first time Google challenged with a different approach to search, we have seen Microsoft ‘trying’ it with Bing. I find the Search Graph to have a higher chance than that, as FB users are already spending tremendous amount of time on the site engaging with their friends’ or brand content.

#####Better contextual advertising offering?

I think so. Facebook shows us advertising that’s based on out interests, likes, hobbies and social network. And now with the added piece of current intention data gathered by search we will be seeing better targeted adverts on the platform.


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