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Ridiculous CRM example

A user uninstalls an app named Path (www).

“…he found that Path had gone on a rogue mission early in the morning, texting and robocalling an unknown number of his contacts, including his grandparents.

By the time Kenwright got to work, it became clear that Path had gotten in touch with his entire phone book. Coworkers, friends, and family were asking him about the text or phone call they’d received from Path, which stated that Kenwright wanted to share photos with them.”

As a response representatives from Path said;

“the messages are a feature, not a bug.”

A feature that benefits the application, not the user. This is a hilarious way to put it.

Currently using this app, and I find the way customers are being treated quite repulsive. Shame though, I am afraid to uninstall the app.


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