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Amazon has the patent for your photo on a white background.

Amazon was recently awarded the patent to taking pictures of people in front of seamless white backgrounds.

Some details of their “innovation”.

a background comprising a white cyclorama; a front light source positioned in a longitudinal axis intersecting the background, the longitudinal axis further being substantially perpendicular to a surface of the white cyclorama; an image capture position located between the background and the front light source in the longitudinal axis, the image capture position comprising at least one image capture device equipped with an eighty-five millimeter lens, the at least one image capture device further configured with an ISO setting of about three hundred twenty and an f-stop value of about 5.6…

Studio arrangement - patent image 1
Studio arrangement - patent image 2

I hardly think, Amazon is in any state to feel the need to resort to patent trolling, maybe they just wanted to be remembered as the ones to thought that one up themselves?

Techdirt sums it nicely.

[…]Even if it’s never used for trolling, it’s still on record as “something Amazon thought up,” rather than nowhere to be found as studio setups for shooting against a white background have been in use for several decades.


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