My name is ilkut. A rare name that means “the messenger of good fortune”.

I am passionate about the web and it’s disruptive effects on b2c/b2b communications.

So I studied;

Then, I worked as a Social Media Associate at 9010Group, I helped companies to attain efficiency through channels of social media.

And right now, I am working as a Growth Hacker at UBM, focusing on Chemist+Druggist.

I am also available for freelance gigs, you can see the various types of projects and more details on my career in my CV (en, tr) and my LinkedIn profile.

Do get in touch! I’d always like to talk about;

  • Innovative and disruptive business models.
  • Social communication news & initiatives.
  • Anti-broadcasting communication models.

I can be found at;

Twittter - @ilkut
LinkedIn - ilkut
HijackedContent by ilkut
FourSqure - ilkut