90:10, Stream of consciousness

So… What is the catch?


Please have a look around to my category titles, some of my posts to have some humble sense about what I have been keeping myself busy with before I paused my note taking activities.

Whenever i have those pauses I always start-up again with an introductory post such as like this, [please but please] don’t let the frequency of such posts to make you think that I undervalue my blogging activities. I think I am just in the process of allocating my time and thoughts accordingly to maintain a content-rich life observatory.

So back to title… in the meanwhile I have been luckily / heavily busy with getting acquainted with very clever individuals whom are driven wild with the venomous taste of innovation in the ever competitive field of social media technologies. Being at where I am and doing what i am doing allows me to create, be online and observe straight from the heart of an agency filled with people who are keen and determined work and share restlessly for the sake of having fun and making most of the experience and the opportunity-caught via innovation. I will be posting in more detail about 9010Group‘s vision and approach towards comtemperary communication technologies.

So be generous and wish me luck in this ever challenging (and therefore satisfying) position.


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