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Twitter’s Room for Improvement [UPDATED]

Approximately 6 months ago, before the Tumblr-ization of the user-base of Twitter (aka increasing teenage users in twitter), the things that are trending in my homepage were almost matching the global news headlines. This allowed me to understand why a topic is trending. With the increasing amount of Twitter usage by different demographics the current UI is incapable of offering options to niche user types to enhance their experience.

The solution I would suggest without forcing users to too much learning. Is adding and ‘x’ button that replaces irrelevant trend with something else (a relevant trend to what that user talks about maybe?). I would improve this change with a trends page that aggregates Top X trends for whatever segments that can be used with demographics information that Twitter already has.

Imagining Away/ Contextually Targeted Advertising

I am not offering this solution only from UX perspective, having each user to administrate what they are/not interested will present a database of user interests to Twitter. Looking at the bigger picture, this is a the dream microtasking project, it will provide Twitter software a lead in analyzing what their users are interested in and equates to highly targeted contextual ad offer to their B2B clients.

I understand that Twitter gets 120000 different kicks out of suggested trends, but let’s face it that’s just another billboard to ignore.


Twitter listens, understands and ultimately knows! This shows how an agent of medium needs to be flexible when it comes to serve the users’ needs.

Thank you Twitter.


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