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Spotify Introduces App Finder

Having heard that the Spotify had something else left in their sleeves after marrying Facebook. I was a bit surprised and the views online indicated that they should be preparing web interface, because that’s where they should be going next… Disagree, a browser-only platform would completely be a wrong direction for Spotify as they already have apps installed on the operating systems where the browsers would reside. I congratulate Spotify for not causing redundancy in their ways of offering their service. They instead introduced an App Platform, (No, i don’t think this is an iTunes-killer feature.) which indicates to the interest in cultivating their own development ecosystem, instead of relying on what Facebook already has.

Ensuring a more superfluous user experience within your application/ hardware more and more relies on the users’ separation from their search (information, entertainment) on the Internet (see, Apple with iOS and OS, Amazon with their own Android App market…). This increases their level of immersion to the medium and engaging them with an offer that’s made believe to be stronger.

Spotify already has a strong presence in the space of having a developer eco-system with the help of web based apps. Seems to me that they are taking their engagement with these users a step further with the possibility of direct engagement with their apps.


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