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Apps Near Me

Apps near me
Apple had a keynote the other day, which as usual drove a lot of attention for the new software, design, and price tiers. The feature I consider to be most interesting is (apart from Touch ID) Apps Near Me. This feature lets you find apps that are relevant to your location.

Apps Near Me

Wherever you find yourself — the Louvre, for instance — tap Near Me and you’ll see a list of apps you might find useful, >including everything from the museum’s app to travel guides and more.


Location based app discovery is an important innovation towards making the technology environment-aware. For users, having a more direct access to the breadth of information available around them via apps will increase adoption rates of application based information & entertainment distribution[1]. Therefore improving application ecosystem’s hybrid formulation of a brand new construct as a medium.

[1]. And maybe cause a fragment of dent in mobile search engine inquiries??


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