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Why Whatsapp grew the way it did?

Great insight to why whatsapp grew on OmMaliks WhatsApp is Different

A reader emailed and point out that WhatsApp initial success was because it “spent time building for platforms that were not sexy – Blackberry, j2me, Early android OS”

Developing apps for all the niche platforms given them the privilege to app markets with little competition in their field. And after those markets disappeared the users moved to more popular platforms such as iOS and Android. Absolute win for Whatsapp.

and it “grew internationally once SMS fees started creeping up and first set of cheap prepaid data plans showed up.” Since Whatsapp uses very little bandwidth, “carriers started taking notice and instead of pitching full data packages, started unbundling data and started offering WhatsApp packages.” Reliance in India being a prime example, mostly as a result of growing penetration within each country. These were usually promoted very heavily within each country. At one point, people in india were paying 15 rupees per month for unlimited WhatsApp instead of spending more on data.

Having defined a realistic price on the service allowed WhatsApp to disrupt based solely on price. This carried the market with them to a cheaper price point allowing local carriers to promote them to their users.

See how many users they have in relation to their employee numbers and be astonished on OmMalik’s page.

Apart from that, this one is truly a unique story of user acquisition.


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