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An interactive drawing pad

For the web design project Imagine a Spectacle it’s been decided to enable users to draw in a given pad on the side of the informative web-page. This is a planned as way to enhance their involvement with the page and improve their online experience through an interaction which conceptionally fits the idea behind the Imagine a Spectacle Creative Festival. A very primitive version of the pad can be seen below. Just start drawing.

MA Digital Media & Creative Economy

Interaction Design Installation – morning paper

the sound which the user starts should be continuous, meaning it mustn’t be interrupted when a they change a button.

The sounds the that represents city in the other paths for the city to should be: people talking and then if the take a second step in to the grey the user should hear city scape.

(Type-thinking) so what happens when users go to green from blue?They should start with birds and bees, then get to more serious animals.

what about to blue from green a river that trespass, then (maybe) something that can generate bigger waves.

#E32636 (red)

#007FFF (blue) | #7FFF00 (green) | #D3D3D3 (grey)

#0247FE (blue) | #177245 (green) | #A9A9A9 (grey)

#0047AB (blue) | #013220 (green) | #696969 (grey)


and this to be experienced on Saturday the 22nd of May wuhuu! (yikes)

MA Digital Media & Creative Economy

Interaction Design Installation update

The theme
Being immersed in to the the externalities of the world in a very simplified, shirinked and reduced virtually real environment.

A room / A projector / A flash based interactive website / 12 buttons attached to the As / for users to interact.

Approach suggestion #1:
Having colours (empowered with sound efffects such as, city scaipe, animals, wave, heartbeat)as minimalistic representives huge space that is naturally or artificially builded around us (city, jungle, sea, body , desert). The sounds and the spaces will be represented by plain colours (grey, green, blue, red, cream).
As the user advance towards the room, by activating the buttons by their steps. Colours get darker and sounds get more intense (faster hard beat, a more crowded street in the city, more animals in the jungle and stronger waves).

Approach suggestion #2:
I also have fleeting ideas about having a game inteface for different set of profiles, but this is to be considered and structured with a better fashion.

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Is to stripe

Having watched the documentary on street photography called “streets off
limits” and being re-briefed about how should the project should be
approached. I’ve decided to play with the idea of the “security stripes”
(as I would call them.

My approach will be to take images with the subjects
having their eyes covered by black1 stripes with their hands, and the
image portfolio will be presented / published via a (striped)website.

alt text
alt text

  1. I am also planning to have some reasons for having colourful stripes2 
  2. being given the option of picking a color for their images, the subjects will be more expressed in the image (working idea!?) 
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A room to be

It is amazing that as a sub-team for Interaction Design-II that we are so interested in brainstorming, debating, chatting about whatever we would like to have as our room based installation, we might even forget that if we are sure to check we have valid access to use room with a projector for our installation.

For installation ideas it’s been discussed to simulate a fall, a birth, or a game/puzzle, but in the end it’s been decided that being all too immersed in our medium itself we become very subjective about what can be done with it, for my part I am going to take couple of days of from thinking or reading about Interaction Design installation.