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Under maintenance

Hi there,

I have just had to improve my site’s database, and due to lack to proper customer service I have to import the site myself. The actual content should be up by 2300 GMT 30.01.2012.

I apologize for any inconvenience, if any. In the meanwhile, please leave a note if you’d like to get in touch, for any reason.

Thank you,


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Momma Made Son Proud!

A year and a half ago I convinced my mom to set up a blog about her cooking, which carries signs of a lifelong journey across Turkey, and her most recent stop Adana. And not long ago she is being out-reached by a tv programmer to be a guest at her show! Thousands of visitors a month, eye-filling mouth-watering piece of heaven food can’t be lying (or can they?), either way, good going mom!

You can tune in to watch the show here on 18th of January at 18oo GMT via TV link on the top right of the page.

You are advised to enjoy that show with a full stomach.




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Maintaining a blog vs Blogging

I owned this blog for about 1.5 year or this illusion dates back to May 09.

At first i designed it myself with the thinking that “it should be genuine”, very noble and useful thinking, this allowed me to improve my php and entertained me a lot.

But times have changed as my needs did, I then started install themes and plugins, so that everything in my blog will have a sense of professionalism, and i will be able to focus on my creative flow and most intended sharing via blogging.

At the third stage of my blog-o-rama i found myself doing weekly maintenance to my blog instead sharing nothing about myself or my collectively generated creative out, or at least my reflections about what i come across within my sight / perception.

I have always been someone who pays attention what he is doing (trying to be self aware) and tries to employ the best practices (subjective) in my practices without being competitive1, but i am living the continuous realization of “Hey! I am wasting time on my blog than my blog should spend on me”

Currently I am in the having tons of drafts phase in my blogging life.

Conclusion :

In one of Faster Future Consulting Blog posts, Clay Shirky touches open this please do carry forward (Life is better when explanations are made by others).

  1. I really don’t care being competitive with people you point finger at, one should be set their own ranks and limits to achieve as pleased. 
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How not to blog? | Self-reflective spots


The following is how i not blog. Please be aware and reminding.

  1. Work on multiple drafts.

  2. Waste ridiculous amount of time enhancing your posts, insert unnecessary mp3s, try to draw illustrations, try to contact that deviantart user for that one and only image your post can not do without. Have more themes then your blog posts.

  3. Procrastinate the hell out of it. When there is something to be done requiring your manual input(typing) it is always easier to go for the free entertainment (watching, reading). Be deprived of main joy of blogging.

  4. Blog on your own. Do not ever share your links, posts with your friends and family, they are your initial chances of motivation.

  5. Ignore the most important function. Work on installing widgets, gadgets work millions of hours on the way it look.

  6. Don’t focus. Enable every other activities to interrupt your writing process.

  7. Have a supreme sense of perfection / be insecure about “anything with regards your entries”





p>This entry is an initiative, is a cry for self-provocation.

Looking forward to see myself got rid of my drafts.



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So… What is the catch?


Please have a look around to my category titles, some of my posts to have some humble sense about what I have been keeping myself busy with before I paused my note taking activities.

Whenever i have those pauses I always start-up again with an introductory post such as like this, [please but please] don’t let the frequency of such posts to make you think that I undervalue my blogging activities. I think I am just in the process of allocating my time and thoughts accordingly to maintain a content-rich life observatory.

So back to title… in the meanwhile I have been luckily / heavily busy with getting acquainted with very clever individuals whom are driven wild with the venomous taste of innovation in the ever competitive field of social media technologies. Being at where I am and doing what i am doing allows me to create, be online and observe straight from the heart of an agency filled with people who are keen and determined work and share restlessly for the sake of having fun and making most of the experience and the opportunity-caught via innovation. I will be posting in more detail about 9010Group‘s vision and approach towards comtemperary communication technologies.

So be generous and wish me luck in this ever challenging (and therefore satisfying) position.

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Having a proper title

If having a proper title would mean anything in the sense of this blog,
the last title for this blog entry would be “soft seas can’t make tough
sailors1. Just because being able to digest what has left behind, or
with another saying getting over it, taking in the scars and re-establishing
what is actually at hand, and of course trying to make the most out of
it. So conclusively, to title this blog entry I’d suggest “Go! As far as
you can”2.


  1. African prologue 
  2. Corto Maltese (Hugo Pratt)