Stream of consciousness

I am giving up making blog entries

this probably was the cheesy giving up I could probably make about
writing blogs I just need an awkward time1 and awkward situation for
me to be able to make a blog entry. This blogging is a great exercise
for my procrastination skills, for example right now; I am definitely
avoiding a great chance of a night jogging or maybe spacious, human free
supermarket shopping both of which are are very very necessary for my
hungry but growing belly. well yes anyways I am insisting to assist you
to spend your time further with a mind that has triggered by some amount
of sugar2 and alcohol3. I can show you the ways of a leisure
manager4 but that is something I am keeping in mind for another

and finally my non-existent audience you are my reason of existence.

  1. for my standards i am a morning person if you allow me 
  2. thanks i know the dangers of jogging at this condition (love you too!^)) 
  3. not really much(believe me) 
  4. not keeping a low profile am I ?? 
  5. sometimes that I am really out of my resources