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Dark Sky’s hyperlocal weather app is now available on the web

Four-year-old mobile weather app Dark Sky is mostly known for two things: its beautifully rendered radar maps and startlingly accurate hyperlocal weather predictions. The latter was Dark Sky’s killer feature by far, and used your smartphone’s GPS to let you know exactly when and how long you’d get rained on. With notifications like “Heavy rain starting in 12 min.” it can be a lifesaver in rainy regions or places prone to sudden thunderstorms. Now those same features, along with a suite of new maps and visualizations, are available on your desktop via

Source: Dark Sky’s hyperlocal weather app is now available on the web

You can embed these maps too! Below is London’s hyperlocal wind map. Neato!


London to an old time tourist

One of the nicest things I get to do during my working hours, is to get to meet to broad minded professionals. These individuals -being as competent as they are in their fields- are aware that they would use some help in understanding and actualizing their and their brand’s potential through social media. This workshop was held for City & Guilds and was lead by David Cushman (blog, @) and I was there helping with the queries of the audience. Asides from that, I wanted to participate to the workshop by some of the generic images I have taken within the concept of ‘London to an old time tourist’.

Shot these with an Htc Desire