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Is genuine viewership gaining against piracy?

Netflix and YouTube Dominate Online Video. Can Amazon Catch Up?
By Joshua Brustein November 11, 2013

Another interesting tidbit from the traffic report: File sharing is losing ground. BitTorrent, the dominant file-sharing
technology, accounted for only 7.4 percent of total traffic in September, down from more than 10 percent last year, and file sharing as a whole has dropped from 31 percent of traffic in 2008 to less than 10 percent today. If you want to argue that legal alternatives are the best way to cut down on piracy, this seems like a pretty compelling statistic.

Seems so.

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Until you are useful.

FastCoDesign started a very intriguing series of articles on what today’s social networking solution providers were once set-out to be & what they are now.

Before Twitter became a micro-blogging sensation it was a podcasting business. YouTube’s founders were convinced they’d hit the jackpot with a video-dating site. PayPal’s original mission was to beam IOUs from Palm Pilot to Palm Pilot. Flickr grew out of a massive multiplayer online game as a way for players to drop photos into text messages. Instagram’s founders created a check-in technology called Blurbn before settling on photos.
This pattern of change is not coincidental, or under-considered. All these companies are dealing directly with society, on a daily 1-to-1 basis. These companies that are pivoting in response to the demand are actually answering the need in the market for the organization that can change, which is limber and obviously gets it.

As straightforward as the fact that these companies are unmissable parts of how we connect, they sustain this position by being in tune with their audience, and understanding what their users’ needs are (even what it will be). They seek to be useful.

This leads us to observe that change at human centered organizations is permanent, due to unstable/ ever-evolving nature of people’s needs & desires.

The Pivot is a very interesting read and you can join the conversation following the #thepivot hashtag.